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Alexey Soloviev Photography

Photographer in Germany, NRW

Hello! I am Alexey Soloviev and I do all kinds of photography, including subjects, people, animals, nature and architecture. 

I got my first DSLR in May 2011 and that was Canon 600D (just came fresh to the market). Few years later took a decision to upgrade to Full Frame and after detailed comparison of Canon 5D Mark III and Nikon D800  decision came to change the brand. I got me Nikon D800 with fantastic 36Mpix sensor, great details and very wide dynamic range.

During my school years (mid-end of 80's) I was using my father's film camera and now, 30 years later, have decided to get back to a film photography. Most of the time I travel with 2 cameras (analogue and digital) and few lenses. There is some magic in the analogue photos and according to my friends, the photos, I take on digital and analogue cameras looks very different, like done by 2 different persons.

I have a Blog on LiveJournal and try to keep it running - post my photos, write post-processing lessons, write some books and moderate few photo-related societies.

If you live in my region (Germany, NRW) and you need a photographer for any event, please, contact me using Contact form.

Thank you for attention to my page and have a nice day!

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